Some of my earliest memories are of drawing in my mom’s notebooks as a kid. In kindergarten I was published in the local paper for an art project, and I continued to win awards throughout school for photography and painting. While in High School, I began taking college level art classes and pursuing photography as a business. In college, I met a well-known artist in my community, who taught me art as a business and served as my mentor. In addition, I worked in construction, as a welder, operator, carpenter, and foreman. All these skills translate into my work as an artist. While I have welded art, what I specialize in are my hand made wall art. I design and build my frames from scratch, then begin my painting process. My work is abstract, and I am very inspired by elements of our earth and modern style, design, and architecture. It is my mission and responsibility to use my abilities to bring positivity and inspiration to the world, that so inspires me.